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Welcome to StriveHigh ABA, where our mission is to help children with autism and related abilities soar to their highest potential. Our unique approach combines a personal touch, a high level of integrity, and collaborative strategies, all driven by our core values of Heart, Integrity, Growth, and Harmony.  

What is ABA?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is a positive and supportive approach that uses the science of behavior to help children with autism and related abilities thrive. It’s all about encouraging and reinforcing the skills and behaviors that will help your child succeed in everyday life.

From improving communication and social skills to fostering independence, ABA is designed to make learning enjoyable and natural, ensuring that these essential skills become second nature. By focusing on your child’s unique strengths, ABA helps them overcome challenges and enhances their overall quality of life, making everyday interactions more meaningful and joyful.  

Our Services

At StriveHigh ABA, we offer ABA therapy in a variety of settings to meet the individual needs of each child

Home-Based ABA

Therapy provided in the comfort of your own home, where children can learn in a familiar environment. 

Community-Based ABA

Therapy that takes place in community settings, such as parks or stores, to help children apply their skills in real-world situations.

School-Based ABA

Support within the school setting to assist with academic and social success.

Servicing New York State 

We are proud to serve children and families across New York State. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest quality care and support. 

Insurance and Medicaid 

We understand the importance of accessible care. StriveHigh ABA accepts Medicaid and a variety of insurance plans. Contact us to check your insurance eligibility and learn more about our services. 

Our Core Values

Our standards are set really



We embrace each child with compassion, caring deeply about their well-being and ensuring every interaction is filled with kindness and empathy.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice, ensuring honesty and ethical behavior in all our interactions and decisions. 


We are dedicated to excellence, setting high expectations for ourselves
and our clients. Our methods
are evidence-based and
clinically sound, focusing
on continual improvement.


We foster a collaborative
and positive environment, working closely with families and professionals to create
a harmonious and supportive
space for growth. 

Join Our Team

Our values create an ideal culture for mission-driven
individuals, including BCBAs and Behavior Technicians.

If you’re passionate about making a difference, we invite
you to join the StriveHigh family. 

About Us

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals, each bringing their unique perspective to our mission: 

Founded by Tsiona Eliyahu, a Registered Nurse with over 25 years of experience in the home care industry, StriveHigh ABA brings a holistic perspective to autism care. 

Tsiona Eliyahu
RN, Founder

Tsiona is a registered nurse with 25 years of expertise in home care for psychiatric and developmental needs, including autism and Down syndrome, has ascended through leadership ranks to become the CEO of StriveHigh. With a background as Director of Patient Services and Chief Operating Officer, Tsiona has demonstrated exceptional strategic management in healthcare. A mother of 10 and grandmother to many, she brings a unique blend of personal and professional experiences, ensuring StriveHigh maintains unparalleled standards of care with genuine compassion at its core. 

Mandi Messina-Godfrey
MS, BCBA, Clinical Director  

With years of experience in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Care, Mandi brings excellence, outcomes, and clinical culture to our team.  
Mandi, Clinical Director at StriveHigh ABA, is a dedicated and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis. With over a decade of experience, Mandi specializes in comprehensive support for BCBA professionals, clients, and families. Her commitment to fostering growth and excellence in ABA extends to tailored training and mentorship programs. As a licensed behavior analyst, Mandi empowers BCBA professionals with personalized training, ensuring the highest quality of care for clients. Her unwavering dedication and understanding of the transformative power of ABA make her a beacon of progress and positivity for the communities she serves.

Our Proven Process 

The StriveHigh ABA, Proven Process


Quick Onboarding

Ensuring a swift and smooth start, we make the transition into our services as seamless as possible. 



Our initial assessments are thorough, laying the groundwork for tailored care plans.



We develop personalized strategies that are specific to each child’s needs.


Implementation/ Ongoing Services

Our team is committed to providing consistent, high-quality support, adapting as needed for each child’s growth. 


Coordination of Care

Our staff advocates collaborate closely with all disciplines and services involved in a child’s care, creating a cohesive approach.



Regular reassessment allows us to adjust and refine our strategies, ensuring the best outcomes. 



We are dedicated to a cycle of continuous improvement, adapting our approaches to meet evolving needs. 

Elevate your
child’s potential

At StriveHigh ABA, we are more than just a service;
we are a community united by heart, integrity, growth,
and harmony.

Our proven process reflects our commitment to each child’s success, ensuring they have the support and care needed to thrive and reach their highest potential. 

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Let’s help your child reach new heights

Ready to elevate your child’s potential?
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